Want to learn how to finally take action on your inner
guidance and align with your purpose?

In 90 days, learn how to develop your intuitive abilities, reprogram your limiting
, discover your personality pattern code, and create an inner growth roadmap.

…you worked on yourself so deeply that nothing could stop you from taking bold steps toward feeling congruent, and purposeful.

…you could acknowledge your flaws and at the same time trust your power to create a masterpiece out your life. That’s true confidence.

…you learned to listen and take action from your inner-guide, instead of making decisions based on external references.

… you have the certainty, the time and the clarity to make your vision happen…

…you could go full-time as a conscious entrepreneur, travel the world, build a robust intimate community…Or simply expand what you already love doing/being in your life.

… either way you will be standing in your truth, aligned, and helping others as your mission

…imagine you are able to identify and reprogram your own limiting beliefs.

…plus keep your most important habits in balance while really understanding how to reach your potential.

The Conscious Woman Roadmap is the blueprint to help you get there

Cynthia Guzman

She had the power within her all along, and used the tools to lift her own mood.

Nazira Sacasa

Created her methodology as a coach, and got consistent with her foundational habits.

Melanie Gooi

Connected to her intuition, and learned how to reprogramed her limiting beliefs.

Detailed Curriculum

Upon joining CWR, you will have weekly access to 8 modules. Once you’ve learned and implemented each module, you can move onto the next one.

Intimate weekly group guiding sessions

I will be available to support you every step of the way with with 10 one-on-one sessions if you chose the INTIMATE level.

Weekly Accountability

We’ll keep in touch weekly through our accountability form, so I know exactly where you are in the program.

Lifetime access

All future program updates and CWR’s curriculum are yours for life. There will be bonus materials & resources available to you throughout your journey, even after the 90 days of community support is over.

Daily 1:1 support via text & voicemail

Through our voice-mail app, I will be by your side every step of the way. You can reach me Monday through Thursday from 10 AM to 4 PM PTS for the entire 90 days.

Supportive Community

Inner-work and living an aligned life doesn’t have to feel lonely or isolating. You’ll be warmly welcomed into an active community of other conscious women inside our LUNA membership.


🌛 You feel lost (or too comfortable to change) and don’t know what steps to follow to reach your full potential.

🌛 You’ve tried many things (what works for others, what you’ve learned from books, therapy, etc.), hoping something clicks. You know something is missing but you don’t know what.

🌛 In the mean time, no meaningful progress is happening. The clock is ticking, and you feel overwhelmed, over-committed (yet paralyzed), and pressured by family/society, your finances, or your own expectations.

🌛 At this point, your confidence is low. Your essential healthy habits are all over the place. And the majority of your decisions are based on external references rather than trusting your own inner guidance.

🌛 Once in a blue moon, you book the gig, sell the things, feel successful, or go back to “What am I complaining about? I have everything to be happy,”… but then, crickets again…

🌛 And you can’t figure out what’s holding you back. Deep inside you know there is more to life.

Module 1: Believing + setting intentions

Module 1: Believing + setting intentions

Learn how to set intentions and prepare for our work together so you can maximize your time inside CWR. This module takes us through how we can begin living from the inside out as we deconstruct the entire creation process we all participate in on a daily basis. You will gain knowledge about what it takes to achieve emotional intelligence and how to align yourself accordingly.

Module 5: Programming your mind for success

Module 5: Programming your mind for success

Intention or action won’t matter unless you realize that you’re acting on your old limiting beliefs. In Module 5, I share the same method I use to identify and reprogram my limiting beliefs on a regular basis. This process will reveal the root causes of your procrastination and self-sabotage. It teaches you how to rewire your neural pathways to think in integrity with a higher version of yourself – and most importantly, to ACT on it.

Module 2: Spiritual portals and treatments

Module 2: Spiritual portals and treatments

Transformation is 80% mindset (staying aware) and 20% methodology – you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to establish portals to stay connected to your inner wisdom throughout life challenges. In Module 2, you will be experiencing a complete world-wide paradigm shift (for the better!) By understanding life’s invisible cycle and the root causes of your anxiety, fears, stagnation, self-sabotage, perfectionism, and other behavioral patterns that prevent you from reaching your goals.

Module 6: Productivity comes from synching with life's cycles

Module 6: Productivity comes from synching with life’s cycles

In Module 6, you will begin to understand your seasons. Your life will be made easier as you learn to work with them, rather than against them. My job will be to help you observe your specific behavior patterns and personality to determine how they reflect in your cycles. You’ll also learn my NLP techniques for anchoring vibrations and identifying behaviors that are out of integrity. Prepare to transform from a “meh” state to a clear, congruent, and self-trusting one.

Module 3: Intro to intuitive work and vibration

Module 3: Intro to intuitive work and vibration

In Module 3, we will learn how to define our intuition and establish a regular connection while elevating our vibration. No matter how strong your intuition is, this process will show you how to trust your subconscious interpretations and how to distinguish them from your ego’s. By learning this, you will gain insight into how your energy frequency relates to your intuitive abilities. Finally, I will show you how to prepare yourself to receive deep guidance – regardless of your experience or track record.

Module 7: Foundational Habits and your Unique code

Module 7: Foundational Habits and your Unique code

Module 7 is all about managing yourself, your energy, your habits and understanding how you’re built. By learning how to activate yourself, I’ll share a proven method for increasing your productivity (in less time). You’ll learn how to turn yourself “ON ” in any circumstances. I’ll also reveal the exact formula and priority ranking of the foundational habits you need to cultivate to reach your full potential. No more procrastination or wasting time – and when you feel scattered, the confusion won’t paralyze you because you’ll know what to do next.

Module 4: Intuition becomes your superpower

Module 4: Intuition becomes your superpower

Get ready to develop your intuitive abilities. In Module 4, you’ll learn how to receive intuitive downloads based on what comes naturally to you. We will determine the path of least resistance for your evolution, and intentionally practice your intuitive abilities together. We will cover energy systems as well as the step-by-step process I use to connect to my intuition.

Module 8: Creating your Roadmap

Module 8: Creating your Roadmap

You now know how to listen to your inner guidance. You cannot be stopped! Every limiting belief has been reprogrammed, and you know how to work with our mind and body. Now we just need to clear up our goals, plan, and put them into action! In Module 8, I guide you through the process of developing a mission statement, identifying your zone of genius, and going for what you set out to accomplish. You’ll have a clear roadmap to work on!


🌛 I’ll show up during the whole process, this is not a “do it at your own pace and by yourself program” I’m with you every step of the way holding you accountable and guiding you inward.

🌛 I teach you how to have a relationship with your intuition, and develop your unique intuitive abilities that will change your life.

🌛 I support you with LIVE  interactions, as well as unlimited weekly voice/text support. And one-on-one video sessions (if you choose to be in the intimate group). I make it really hard for you to ghost me.

🌛 I am 100% results-driven and journey driven – you get lifetime access to the material AND the BEST accountability in the industry.

🌛 My goal is to teach you how to flow within your feminine and masculine energies to overcome your mental blocks and perform from a place of emotional intelligence.

🌛 You will learn how to form habits according to your personality. We will identify the foundational practices that are essential to you and your purpose.

🌛 I care deeply about your inner fulfillment, purpose, mission, and holistic transformation.

🌛 You will become unstoppable after 90 days when your habit system, mindset, discipline, and intuitive coherence are in sync.



LAB | coming soon

What’s Included
6 video modules with moren than 10 videos
Playsheets, assignments, pdfs, and meditations
Complementary Guidebook
Three Bonus Masterclasses
Exclusive support text and voice message group via Telegram app
Lab Group Practice First Saturday of each month (3 hours)

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Margarita Velasquez

I was able to be more in tune with my emotions, and understand my cycles.

Andrea Briceño

It was so profound. I came out with a deeper sense of intuitive connection.

Sandra del Mar

I was able to take actions based on my inner guide after feeling lost for so long.

No, not at all. It’s okay if you do. This program is all about learning to listen to your inner guidance and taking action based on it. It will take self-trust and release of control for this to work. Most likely, the journey will dictate the path we take.

Yes, I do speak Spanish, modules are recorded in english and group LAB sessions are in English as well

CWR was created to adjust to your pace while still keeping you accountable throughout 10 months. It’s ok if you’ll be a week or two out. You can always watch the recorded LABS

Yes, you have lifetime access to the modules, program updates and recorded group sessions.

Not at all, we don’t use facebook in anyway. Our community happens inside our program platform.

Please note that I do not offer refunds. When you sign up for this program, we’re both committing our energy, attention, money and time on transformative, and deep growth. If you have not yet developed a trust in me as a guide or trust yourself to learn from me, I suggest you read more of my content and see if that trust grows. 

Join CWR only if you are fully committed and trust me to help you.

The participants I am looking for might be scared, yet they feel excited at the same time. Deep down knowing that they are ready to invest in themselves and take the a leap of courage.

It depends on you and your current situation. Results are usually noticeable for most participants in just a few weeks.

Others might take a few extra months to go through the program at their own pace. There is no rush and no right or wrong amount of time, because you have lifetime access to the program, and because our whole purpose is to release control and trust our rhythm! 

Please remember that this isn’t a quick fix.


Hi! I’m Dariana, and I founded the Conscious Women Roadmap. I know how it feels to be confused and overwhelmed about what steps to take.  For years I struggled to try to get clarity about how to be a successful mindfulness coach. – Should I call myself a coach? What about my career as an artist? Should I do both?.  I had no clients, no followers, no reputation, and scattered income.

I felt connected and clear about my subject matter, but I quickly learned a hard lesson: you can’t have all the knowledge & certainty in the world… Unless you connect with your inner GPS (and have the courage to take action on its guidance), work on your foundational habits (get organized), do your shadow work (heal subconscious beliefs), get accountability and learn how to create and follow your highest plan; it’s not possible to make the impact you deserve while creating a meaningful life.

So I set off on a mission to learn everything I could about spirituality, business, mindfulness, creativity, and self-growth to go full-time as a creative conscious entrepreneur myself… 

In my search to master everything about creating a conscious business and person, I built the company of my dreams with congruency and flow- all without letting resistance or fear stop me. And everyone started asking how they could replicate the same results in THEIR business too.

So, I put together a program to teach my signature methodology. That is how the “Conscious Women Roadmap” was born!

The next 90 days are your best opportunity to finally take action on your inner guidance, transform your limiting beliefs, and get clear.